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TEA is a crossword puzzle solver with over a million words and phrases; these are classified by familiarity, so you always see the most likely answers first. It is faster and more convenient than word lists in book form such as crossword completers, crossword dictionaries and crossword keys. TEA finds crossword answers; solves anagram clues; helps with other word games such as Scrabble and Countdown. Letter variables help solve cryptograms and find words with unusual properties such as palindromes; punctuation matching finds phrases and hyphenated words; macros find vowels and consonants; logical operations combine patterns in useful ways. TEA has a built-in dictionary and thesaurus with over 180,000 definitions and 130,000 citations; it also integrates with web browsers to look up words using Internet search engines. Results can be printed, copied to the clipboard and saved to file. Scrabble, Literature and Language lists are provided; the Word List Merge and Dictionary Builder tools help you incorporate your own word lists. The TEA command line version can be used in scripts.

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